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Rooibos Route

The Rooibos Route was launched on the 14th of August 2014. If offers a wide variety of different Rooibos experiences. Offering you a unique way to learn more about Rooibos. From cultivation to history, activities and treats, something for young and old. You can plan your own trip so you can enjoy all of this at your own pace. Visit their website to plan your custom made Rooibos Route - www.rooibos-route.co.za

Northern Cederberg

Depart from Clanwilliam on the R364 direction Calvinia/Wupperthal. After about 18 km you will reach the sign "C.Louis Leipoldt's Grave", here you will find the grave of the famous poet who grew up in Clanwilliam, there are also some nice rock art paintings on the site. Driving further along you will get the Cape Nature campsite "Kliphuis" on your right. Here you can obtain permits for the hikes situated in the northern parts of the Cederberg. Permits can also be obtained for Rocklands, the mekka for rock climbing or bouldering. A few kilometres further down the R364, on top of Pakhuis Pass, is the starting point for the Heuningvlei Donkey Cart trail with the most beautiful scenery. Bookings are essential and can be done through Heuningvlei Tourism, call them on 027 492 3070 for more information. The well-known rock climbing site "Rocklands", mentioned earlier, is on the same route. From there continue for about 8 km until you get to the sign "Pakhuys Winery & Olive Oil", they take you on a tour through the cellar and you can also do some wine tasting & olive oil tasting. They are open from Monday to Saturday, from 07:00 till 18:00 but bookings are essential, call them on 027 482 2700 or visit their website for more information - www.alphaexcelsior.co.za. Next to them is De Pakhuys, a farm completely transformed over the years to accommodate rock climbers. They have a variety of walks on the farm such as the one leading you up to an amazing waterfall. Make sure you visit their website to see what else they have to offer - www.depakhuys.com. Drive further for 10 km till you see a bunch of country flags on your right, you have reached "Travellers Rest Farm Stall & Restaurant", here you can get a permit (R40 per person) for the famous "Sevilla Rock Art Trail". The trail is 2,5 km long (one way) and there are nine rock art sites to be visited, after the hike you can relax at this lovely farmstall and order something tasty from their menu, make sure you leave some space for their delicious home made Amarula cake. For more information about the trail - www.travellersrest.co.za. 19 km further on the R364 towards Wupperthal is the Biedouw Valley, a must visit during flower season. 19 km ahead is the Moravian Mission Village "Wupperthal". Here you can visit the shoe factory, Rooibos tea factory and the Rooibos soap factory "Red Cedar". Nice meals are prepared at the "Lekkerbekkie" restaurant, bookings are essential if you would like a traditional meal to be prepared for you, contact them on 027 492 3740. From Wupperthal you can either come back to Clanwilliam or you can drive the 4x4 route via Eselsbank towards the Southern Cederberg, remember this can only be done with a 4x4 vehicle.

Southern Cederberg

Depart from Clanwilliam on the Old Cape Road in a Southern direction passing the Information Office. Drive for about 8 km and turn left at the Cederberg sign. Continue until you get to Algeria. Look out for flowers during the flower season. To wander into the mountains you need a permit, which you can obtain from Algeria forest station. There is a short hike of 3 hours to the beautiful waterfalls. For longer hikes contact Algeria at 027 482 2403. Drive 30 km's further south and you will get to the farm Dwarsrivier where you will find the "Cederberg Wine Cellar". The highest cellar above sea-level in Southern Africa. They also have an observatory which is only open on Saturdays, weather permitted. Bookings are essential, contact them on 027 482 2825 for more information or visit their website - www.cederbergwine.com. At the cellar you can have a taste of their splendid wines. From there you can go on the worldwide-known hiking trails to view the Maltese Cross (4 to 5 hours), Lot's Wife and Window Rocks, as well as the Wolfberg Cracks (4 hours) and Wolfberg Arch (8 hours). You can also visit Truitjieskraal and the Stadsaal Caves with it's Elephant bushman paintings a few kilometers from Dwarsrivier. Permits for all the above can be obtained at Algeria or at the farm Dwarsrivier. From there you can go to Ceres or you can go on a circle route through the Cederberg towards Wupperthal if you have a 4x4 vehicle.

Route to Lambertsbaai

Depart from Clanwilliam on the R364 to Lambertsbaai. Drive for 12 km until you come to Ysterfontein, you can go on a rooibos tour (big groups only), which include the plantation and drying yards. Afterwards you can enjoy a nice cup of rooibos tea or ice tea, bookings are essential contact them on 027 482 2512 or visit www.ysterfontein.co.za. Continue further for 3 km and turn right at the Skurfkop turn off. Drive for 3.3 km to Elandsberg Eco Reserve. Rooibos tours are done which include rock art, beautiful rock formations, the rooibos tea plantation, nursery and factory. After the tour you can enjoy a nice cup of rooibos tea and buy the different products in their shop. Traditional meals are also offered by prior arrangement. Contact Chris or Annette on 027 482 2022 or visit www.elandsberg.co.za. Drive back to the R364 and turn right to go to Graafwater. At Graafwater turn right to go into town and drive straight through town for about 16 km to the Heerenlogement, an overhanging cliff that was used as an overnight stop for the Settlers. Close to the Heerenlogement is the Zink Blokhuis/fort which was used to stop the Boer soldiers, on the farm Graafwaterplaas, as well as the Oloffs/Bergfonteijn on the farm Klipfontein, 10 km south from the Heerenlogement, this was also one of the oldest rest places on the historical route to the north. Continue from there on a circle route towards Lambertsbaai (or make your way back to the R364 and turn right towards Lambertsbaai), here you can visit Bird Island, home to the colony of Cape Gannets. You can walk to the island or go by boat. For traditional meals and seafood in open-air restaurants you can book at either Muisbosskerm (027 432 1017), which is situated on the beach, 5 km south from Lambertsbaai or Bosduifklip (027 432 2735), situated 12 km before Lambertsbaai on the R364. There are also other activities to be done around Lambertsbaai, visit their website for more information on www.lambertsbay.co.za

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